Grade 5 Theory Courses

For the first time in 7 months we are running a live course. 

Spaces available now!

Please ring 0118 9712555 or email

Zoom Courses Still Available!

Our aim is to get a group of people together who wish to do Grade 5 theory in one or two term’s time and condense as much learning into as short a time as possible. 

​The Two-Day Course starts at 9.50am and the first day finishes at 4pm. The second day is 10am to 3pm. Whether on your own or with friends we can arrange a course especially for you.  The course cost depends on how many people are on the course and includes all materials, tuition, lunch and lots of snacks.  We are sometimes asked if we can run a condensed one-day version of this course, which is also possible.  Contact us for more information.

For a more detailed description of the courses click here (including zoom courses).  New style (2020) theory papers now available £5 each in preparation for the new online exam in August.


​​Between the course and the exam you will need to work through at least 10 past papers. We offer a marking service which costs £10 per paper for which you receive a detailed report with references back to the course notes.  We aim to mark these within a day or two.


You do not need to bring anything with you except a smile and a desire to write quickly!

Course Menu 


This recipe works and is a catalyst for stimulating interest!


Some people think of music theory as a dull subject. We are determined that it should not be so and we spend time on the course having fun, making and eating food and consuming knowledge.

After the first theory session you will have a chance to prepare your own lunch. In the second session there is even more fun whilst learning and then you will do a little more in the kitchen. In the third session everything starts to make sense, then there is LUNCH to prepare you for the afternoon! The afternoon is taken at a pace to suit you. The more work you do now the further you will get towards doing some past papers and practising for your Grade 5 the next day.


The One-Day Course covers all the material that we do in the 2 Day course...but a lot faster!! This suits people who have already done a little theory and can write quickly. It is a challenge, but people have found it well within their grasp and have enjoyed the experience.

Whatever your age, experience or eating habits we will try our hardest to make your days worthwhile. Let us know of any worries or dietary preferences. Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to get a little floury!

Zoom Courses

The Zoom course covers all the same information as we did before Covid-19, but takes place online.

On a one-day or two-day course we will teach you everything needed for the Grade 5 exam, before practising some questions from past papers, allowing your newly gained knowledge to be tested. The course is interactive throughout, with a variety of teaching techniques used to make the learning fun and the information stick.


We have created a booklet for you to fill in throughout the course which we will post or email to you in advance.

Written down this may sound dry, but everyone who has taken this course online has been amazed at how quickly the times passes and, despite the slightly surreal nature of working remotely, has found it fun and interesting.

This was one mother’s comment: 'Thank you for the lessons you gave the girls yesterday - it’s amazing how everything seems to have seamlessly moved online in such a short space of time! I overheard the comment ‘it was great’ from one daughter to her friend!'

Another father said: 

We have driven for hours today to visit their grandparents and they have both been enthusing about the course and quoting it back to me - fantastic!  It has really kick started them off, thank you so much.

We suggest you have treats for the little breaks every hour to make it more fun (as we used to do here!). At around 1pm, we take a 30-minute break for you to have lunch.  After the breaks we often do a quick recap and answer any questions.

Following the course, you should work through at least 10 past papers at home and have them marked before taking the exam. If you scan and email these papers to us (one paper at a time) will send them back (usually within a day) with a mark and feedback report, at a cost of £10 per paper.

The ABRSM theory exams have historically been held 3 times a year; however, changes are currently being made to the exam times. Below is the recent news from the ABRSM, with further instructions awaited this week:


“The first online Music Theory exam will be a live pilot taking place on Wednesday 26 August 2020. This will be a Grade 5 exam for candidates in the UK with a booking period of 27 to 31 July 2020. Following this live pilot we will be offering online Music Theory exams at Grades 1 to 5 in the autumn, along with Grades 6 to 8 which will continue as paper-based exams."


We hope this helps, please feel free to email or call us to talk through any details.


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