Grade 6 - 8 Music Theory

We all think of Bach as soon as a chorale is mentioned.  You can own the knowledge to create a chorale and understand Bach’s innovative style.

This is a one day Zoom course.  Tel: 0118 9712555 or email:

It is such a simple process once you are given the principles and appreciate the routes to take.

Transformation through harmonisation and decoration.

We have developed our method to help you learn to harmonise Bach chorales and also pass Grades 6, 7 and 8 music theory. (if you wish).  We prefer to teach through engaging, informative courses rather than just print the information.

What is the advantage of taking extra music theory grades? If you enjoyed learning music theory or are working towards A level music and hope to appeal to a Russell Group university it will give you an extra skill for your personal statement.

Learning how to create chorales will give you immense pleasure and a thorough understanding of how music works leading to confidence in any musical setting!!

Below is a link to a quick example that Daniel made in a few can do the same!

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