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Grade 8 Music Theory
Please contact us to arrange a course to suit you
Individually, as a group, on Zoom or live!

Tel: 0118 9712555 or email:

We have developed our method to pass Grade 8 music theory with ease and enjoyment.

Discover how you can already achieve a mark of 40% if you have passed Grade 5 Theory, how counting to 9 completes a figured bass and how Peppa Pig can help you modulate to any key!


What is the advantage of taking extra music theory grades? If you enjoyed learning music theory or are working towards A level music and are aiming to go to university it will give you an extra skill for your personal statement. Most Russell Group universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) accept Grade 8 Theory as an alternative to A level music and you can take it at any age!

Learning Grades 8 Theory will give you immense pleasure and a thorough understanding of how music works leading to confidence in any musical setting!


We also teach GCSE and A level music including analysis, composition and harmonising Bach chorales.


From one of our 11 years olds who achieved a merit. "You are an amazing teacher and I have had so much fun doing my Grade 8 theory with you"

bach chorale.jpg

Congratulations to Agatha on gaining a distinction in Grade 8 Theory! (March 2023)

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