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A-Level / GCSE Courses

Now online!

Please ring 0118 9712555 or email

What is the difference between a German 6th and a Neapolitan 6th? Do you get your secondary dominants confused with your diminished 7ths?  Does pandiatonicism scare you as much as melody dominated homophony?

​Truly they are just words and once you understand the facts behind them you can move forward and enjoy your musical studies.

​The course runs from 10am to 3pm and is broken up into sections with academic work and activities including cooking. Of course, you may already be a brilliant cook in which case you can share your tips!

We cover:

  • Performance (easy for most musicians)

  • Composition (we actually teach you how to compose…not sit in a room trying to get inspiration!)

  • Appraisal, your set works need to become familiar and known

  • For A level, harmonising Bach chorales 


​Everything is provided from aprons to pencils and you will eat a good lunch each day as well as numerous snacks!  Or make your own whilst online! 

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