The next 2 day course with spaces is 20th/21st December 2019  Please ring 0118 9712555 or email


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"Results just in from the June 2019 exams are all merits and distinctions!  Congratulations!!"

We are pleased that so many people are enjoying music theory but it does mean that the courses get filled very quickly. We will try to add some extra One Day Courses but if you would like to get some friends together (minimum number for a course is 6 people) we will try to arrange a course especially for you.

The one day courses are from 9am - 6pm and suit people who have already done a little theory and can write quickly. It is a challenge but in reality people have found it well within their grasp and have enjoyed the experience./p>

Some people think of theory as a slightly dull subject. We are determined that it should not be so and we spend our time on the course having fun, making and eating food and consuming knowledge.

Our aim is to get a group of people together who wish to do Grade 5 theory in one or two term’s time and condense as much theory into as short a time as possible. This recipe seems to work and is a catalyst for stimulating interest!


The cost of the one day or two day course is £300.

The day or days will include lunch as well as lots of snacks. All materials will be provided.

The One Day Course is 9am - 6pm and covers everything that we do in the 2 Day course...but a lot faster!!

For the 2 Day Course: The day starts at 9.50am (you could skip breakfast if you want a lie in as you will soon be fed!) and the first day finishes at 4pm, the second day at 3pm.

After the first session you will have a chance to prepare your own lunch.

Second session – even more fun and then you will do a little more in the kitchen. Third session of theory and everything starts to make sense, then LUNCH to prepare you for the afternoon! The afternoon is taken at a pace to suit you. The more work you do now the further you will get towards doing some past papers and practising for your Grade 5 the next day.

Whatever your age, experience or eating habits we will try our hardest to make your days worthwhile. Let us know of any worries or dietary preferences! Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to get a little floury!

After the course you will need to work through at least 10 past papers before the exam. We can mark them if you scan them as a PDF, this costs £10 and you will receive notes to help using the course notes.  We aim to mark these within a day or two.

You do not need to bring anything with you...everything (pencils, paper, aprons, jokes) will be here for you!!

Please phone 0118 971 2555 for more information or send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and  we will be happy to help.


2019 ABRSM Theory Exam Dates

6th November 5pm (last online entry date 27th September)

2020 Dates not yet published

Upcoming Courses

Non Residential

2-Day Theory Courses


October 26th/27th    Course Full

December 20th/21st   Spaces available

Booster Courses


3rd November Spaces available


We thought that you might like to know a little bit about us! We have been married for 31 years and have 3 grown up children and 1 grandchild.

Daniel has always taught music and together  for 7 years we ran the Music Department at Elstree School until deciding to teach and run course from home a few years ago..Originally Sandra trained as a nurse and was a Theatre Sister (many years ago now!).

Daniel teaches the piano mostly but also music theory, A Level and GCSE music. He also plays the organ and runs Enharmonic Choir. Currently he is also working in the Downs School helping with their A Level Music.

Sandra helps with all the above as well as teaching singing and piano. Until just recently (for almost 20 years) was Chair of Directors of the Kennet School Academies Trust and is now starting to enjoy having a little more time for her love of art and cooking!

Both of us have current enhanced DBS checks.

Parent Feedback

Maddy gained distinction in her grade 5 theory exam - 90 marks. She is thrilled, needless to say, and so are we.

We are very happy to have found Soundscool and Alex would be in no way ready for his exam without you. It is pleasing to discover something on the internet which is as good as it claims to be and he has had a wonderful time!

We have just got Alexander's results.... 94%! Thank you so much for all you did for us..he knew nothing of Grade 5 theory before October half term. You prepared him very well. We are so glad we found you!

The boys really enjoyed their time with you and felt totally enthusiastic about the whole experience. They both loved your approach and the warm welcome you gave them, and were up bright and ready for day two without prompting.

"For our son music theory was something to dread before coming on your course, but now he is so confident and he has found inspiration in understanding the theory behind the music he plays. His organ teacher has noticed the difference in his understanding, so this experience has enriched him and helped him beyond just the exam."